Stay Booked Year Round

Say goodbye to low season and say hello to profesional groups of high-quality guests that come back year after year.

How it works


After you’ve added you property and set your dates for risk-free retreats, we all proactively search for suitable organizers.


Our Organizers reserve your pre-approved week(s) at no upfront cost and we get to work.


Our tried-and-true presale strategy and marketing assets fund the retreat and secure your payment far in advance.

* Once funded, we hold a 10% booking fee and pay out half of your amount straight away.
The other half is paid immediately after the retreat ends.

Why Work With Us?

Risk Free All Around

Our crowdfunding model is used exclusively to cover your property costs in full. So, within a few ticket sales, your payment is secured! You also set the cancellation policy. So, if our Organizer can’t raise the funds before your due date, you still have plenty of time to sell your rooms to other guests.

The Network Effect

We create and share marketing assets and strategy with our Organizers, Coaches and Property Owners. That combined network creates an exponentially larger pool to market to and secure your rental payment.

We Believe in Shared Fate

We only get paid if a retreat is funded. Organizers only make profits after your property costs are covered. Coaches earn a percentage of ticket sales. So, everyone is incentivized to fill up your property as fast a possible.

More Than a Platform. A Partner.

Better Quality Guests

We find, interview and approve expert organizers and you always have the last say. Organizers do the same to ensure quality guests. We cater to growth-oriented professionals, not partiers.

Better Marketing Assets

It’s hard to sell retreats without compelling content, so it’s vital that we always collect and share our best photos and videos from each retreat. This way everyone involved can continue to tell their story, beautifully.

Better Business Practices

We pay it forward. If you recommend anyone in your network to organize a retreat through us, at your property, we don’t take a booking commission. You make more profit, we create more experiences. Win, win!

Our Requirements

Are You Retreat-Ready?

• Is your property available for groups (exclusive, without other guests)
• Can you offer at least 2 full weeks a year?(with free reservations)*
• Can you host at least 10 people comfortably? (4+ rooms)
• Can you share at least 3 fun group activities in your area? (for excursions upsells)
• Can you have someone on-site, or within an hour from the property? (for emergencies)
• Can you share at least 12 beautiful shots of the property? (for marketing)

* We use a risk-free model so Organizers can launch a retreat quickly, with no upfront costs.
Their presale tickets cover your rental costs to insure you get paid, and paid first.


Q. Can anyone list their property?

Only business owners with high quality properties that are suitable for retreats with a minimum of 7 people or more are eligible. If we have doubts about the quality of your venue then we can not enlist you. Before approving any new listing we always check your identity to prevent fraud.

Q. How does this work with my calendar and prices?

Easy! You can quickly set your available retreat dates in your Retreaters booking-calendar or sync up with your existing (airbnb/ calendar using an ical-sync. Every date is different, so you can set a different price for every day. You can also decide the minimum of days that can be booked or if people can get a discount when they book more than x amount of days. And if you have extra optional services you’d like to include, add them to your listing, so that organizers can already include it in their booking!

Q. What is my risk?

The Retreaters model is simple: an organizer reserves your property and has time to pre-sale his/her tickets until your cancellation deadline (usually 30 – 60 days before the retreat, you decide). This way your funds are secured far in advance and you would still have time to fill up the dates if the goal is not reached. The risk is minimised because we all actively help the organizer with marketing your venue and filling up the retreat.

Q. How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to list and promote your property on our website. We only take a 10% booking-fee once your property is booked AND the presale campaign of the organizer was successful. That way we only get paid when you do and everybody has the same goal: to make the retreat a wonderful reality.

Quick check?

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