Become a Retreat Expert

Make a living helping others launch amazing retreats and
become a retreat expert in your niche and locale.

How it Works

We train you to help others launch and manage Professional Retreats. You help making their retreat a success and share in the profits.


After a quick application, we’ll reach out for a video call to see if we’re a good fit.


Leverage your network to find great retreat hosts or help out those that apply organically.


Get 10% of every ticket sold, plus property commissions that you bring on the platform.

Retreat Expert Perks

Premium User Membership

As our ambassador you get our premium package for free, so you can launch your own retreats with our best features and content.

Retreaters Academy Access

Learn to avoid beginner mistakes and help others with our tools and time-tested strategies to determine pricing, market your tickets, approve guests, and manage your group with ease. So you can not only build your own community, but also help to empower others.

Elevated Profile & Upsell Opportunities

You receive an elevated profile on the platform to stand out as a thought leader in your niche and locale. This helps Organizers find you for additional income opportunities, like co-hosting, tours, and skill sharing.

What We’re Looking For

Positive & proactive experts

We’re looking for outgoing people with a growth mindset and a passion of their own (yoga, marketing, wellness, etc). This gives the retreat expert a chance to bring added value to any retreat (and make more profits).*

Experienced Organizers

You’re running retreats now or have organized events in the past. You love bringing people together, understand the importance of expectation management, and enjoy planning and executing awesome experiences.

Connected and Engaged

We want you to be a success. So, it’s important that you have a network of fun experts and potential organizers. You’re engaged with communities that bring you joy and people look to you for advice in your niche.

How You Add Value

On Boarding & Marketing Consulting

We’ll coach you on best practices to get your Organizers set up correctly with the right photos and descriptors and teach you how they can market their retreat so that all tickets get sold. You steer them away from common mistakes and help them launch like a pro.

Local knowledge

We help you with best practices and strategy to grow your network and become a valuable local connector. No matter what type of retreat, you know which villa and what local services are best to create a compelling itinerary. You help set the stage so that guests leave with great stories and memorable experiences.

Global Network

We help you in your personal branding, so you can expand your network globally and become THE retreat expert that can provide valuable advice on best practices for retreats in your specific niche. You can add your own skills to improve the quality of a retreat and you can help promote it to your own network.

Commissions & Payouts

Make a Living From Anywhere in the World

10% Of Ticket Sales

For every ticket sold (for retreats that have been successfully funded) you earn a 10% cut.

Property Commissions

You will earn a 5% fee for ALL bookings that result in a successful retreat at any property you help bring onto the platform*.

Upsell Opportunities

Offer on-site help** to your Organizer’s retreat to add value (and increase your profits).

* Forever: adding a popular retreat location can make a lifetime income (conditions apply)
** Upsells and payment are negotiated directly with your Organizer, outside of Retreaters.

Apply Now

Let us know a little about you and your interest in retreats. We’ll reach out soon after to set up a call if we think we’re a great fit!

About You

Why are you interested?

Let us know what motivates you to apply and become a Retreat Expert with Retreaters

Proof Of Expertise

Please share a few links of relevant sites to demonstrate your expertise.
Ex: Your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Xing, Twitter.

Followers/Marketing Channels

We use a cross-marketing approach to sell out retreats. Please let us know if you have a following to market to, and how large. Ex: Newsletter, Youtube, Instagram.


Q. In what different ways can I earn an income as an expert?

You can earn an income via Retreaters in the following ways:

  • By helping property owners to add their property and then promoting their property as a retreat location;
  • By coaching professional retreat organizers and helping them to create a successful first retreat;
  • By offering your skills, services and knowledge to other retreats;
  • By being an affiliate for other retreats;
  • By creating your own professional retreats.

Q. What are the benefits of helping to add a property?

When you help a property onto Retreaters you become the ambassador for that property.

  1. Property ambassadors earn a 5% fee for ALL bookings at the property via Retreaters*. You will stay the property ambassador forever if there is at least 1 booking via Retreaters at the property per year. You will loose your ambassador-status if one year goes by without a booking at the property. So the better you help promote the property, the more income you can make. If you organize a risk free retreat at the property yourself via Retreaters, you get the full 10% booking fee refunded/reduced.Only exceptions to the above (when you don’t earn the 5% commission) are:
    * when a property owner organizes a retreat themselves at their property
    * when a property owner brings in a new organizer themselves for their property (the full 10% platform booking fee is for the property owner in that case)
    * when an organizer returns for another retreat at the same property (the full 10% booking fee is refunded/deducted from their booking in that case)
  2. You automatically become the main Retreaters contact person for that villa when they need help for retreats, allowing you to easily upsell your services.
  3. You also become the recommended retreat coach for a professional retreat organizer that wants to organize a risk free professional retreat there. For first-time organizers a retreat coach is obligatory and their coach will earn 10% of every ticket.

Q. What are the benefits of being the retreat coach for an organizer?

A new organizer that applies for a professional retreat will always get a Retreat coach from Retreaters (one of our experts) for their first retreat. This coaching can be done remote and the expert will not take part in the retreat, unless specifically agreed with the organizer.

  1.  The Retreaters Expert will earn 10% per ticket to help the organizer set up their retreat properly, coach and help them in their marketing and steer them away from common mistakes. The expert gets this 10% per ticket if the retreat is a ‘go’ (once the presale target is hit), so everyone has a strong incentive to make the retreat a reality.
  2. Up-sell opportunity: If the organizer could use help during the retreat (for example with community management or with specific skills that an expert could add to the retreat), the expert can offer to help out on-site during the retreat. The arrangements for this (usually a percentage of the organizer’s profits) will be be made between the organizer and the expert – outside of Retreaters.
  3. After an organizer created a first successful retreat, they can choose to organize their next retreat without a coach (from that moment on, the partner fee is 10% lower for their professional retreats). However, we will always advice the organizer to keep working with the coach that helped them fill up and market their first successful retreat.The more value an expert added during the first retreat, the more likely it is that an organizer wants to work with them again in their future retreats.
  4. After the first successful retreat (whether it’s your own or a retreat that you coached), the partner fee for your own retreats is reduced to 20% and a coach is no longer obligatory (although in most cases it’s still recommended to create the best retreat possible and maximise your profits).

Q. How is an expert assigned as a coach for a professional retreat?

  1. If an organizer comes in via one of our experts, that expert will automatically be their coach and earn 10% per ticket sold.
  2. If an organizer comes in and applies by themselves, we first review the application and if we think they are a right fit, we help them find a property. If they choose a property that came in via one of our experts, that expert becomes our recommended coach for their retreat.
  3. The organizer is free to choose another expert if they think that’s more suitable for their retreat, but we will always strongly recommend the expert that helped to get the property on Retreaters, because they are in contact with the owner and – in most cases – know their way around in the area.
  4. An expert can always decline to be the coach if they don’t have time or think that the chance of hitting the presale target will be too small. In that case Retreaters will find the most suitable expert, usually the one with the best track-record.

Q. What platform benefits does a Retreat Expert get?

  1. Elevated profiles, searchable experts per skill and area. Our goal is to make your profile popup on top of search results when anyone googles for your location and/or expertise plus the word retreat
  2. Premium user membership:
    – Retreats that you organize will be ‘featured’ and get extra exposure on the platform. You will have more options for your retreat page and we can make manual adjustments if needed (technical support)
    – Extra coaching and support for your own retreats
    – Custom marketing material for your retreats (well crafted and designed professional marketing material that stands out)
    – Access to the affiliate system. You can earn an extra income by promoting and being an affiliate to other retreats, or you can allow other affiliates to promote your retreat.
    – The possibility to create a ‘brand’ page and add blogs to build your own brand and create a following.
  3. Expert Network Membership: a supportive network of retreat organizers and experts like yourself that can help with anything retreat related, from co-hosting to helping with promoting your retreat. You can also join the events that we will organize exclusively for our retreat experts.

Q. I am a property owner, can I also become a Retreaters expert?

Yes, you can, but you can’t get the ambassador benefits for adding and helping to promote your own property. You can however choose an ambassador yourself, in exchange for them helping to promote your property (we highly recommend to choose a local influencer that can help bring in bookings). There are two other benefits that apply for property owners:

  1. When a property owner organizes a retreat at their property themselves, that booking does not have to go through Retreaters (they can simply block the respective dates in their calendar) and they can use the risk free retreat setup.
  2. When a property owner brings in a NEW organizer themselves (an organizer that did not use Retreaters before), we waive the 10% booking fee (meaning 10% more profit for the property owner, if they maintain the normal price and if the property is booked via Retreaters).

Q. How can I learn more?

Please apply via the form above and let us know your questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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