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Launch your Retreat Professionally

Turn a Profit & Risk Nothing

We coach you from start to finish so you launch like a pro, maximize profits, and create a compelling retreat your guests will love.

How it works

From pre-launch property options to post-retreat feedback, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.


Fill in the form below and let us know who you are and what kind of Retreat you want to organize.


Reserve an exclusive property with no reservation fees and get launched quick & smart.


Once your presale goal is hit, your retreat is official! Pack your bags and book those flights.

Your Brand – Our Legal Setup

With our professional retreat setup the retreat will be promoted with your own brand, but you will be a contractor of Retreaters. This way, you stay away from legal- and tax issues that apply for you as a business organizing a retreat. You will have access to the customer data and we help you build a following that you can easily reach out to for future retreats.

In other words: We take care of the risks, you get the rewards.

Who is it for?

For experts, entrepreneurs and influencers that want to offer a professional retreat with no hassle and want to run a profit, sharing their skills.

If you’re not an expert, but just want to organize a risk-free villashare with like-minded people, then we recommend starting with a risk-free villasharing retreat >

Our Platform Perks

Save Heaps Of Time & Money

We’ve already found the best Retreat locations and can help you set up your retreat and marketing within a day. Our crowdfunding/presale model allows you to test the viability of your retreat idea without reservation fees. No success? No costs.

Launch Right & Manage Guests With Ease

Avoid beginner mistakes by using our tools and time-tested strategies to determine pricing, market your tickets, approve guests, and manage your group with ease.

Custom-Made Marketing Materials

When you book a Retreaters property, you gain dozens of custom ads to share throughout your sales campaign. You also gain incentivized partners (us/property owner) that want to help you to sell every. single. ticket.

Forget About Payments, Insurance & Taxes

We handle payments, invoicing and reimbursements. We also offer professional liability insurance for our Organizers, so we all rest easy. And those international tourism tax issues… no longer your concern.

What We’re Looking For

Positive & Passionate Experts

We’re looking for experts with a proven track record in their niche. The niche doesn’t matter, only your desire to share. If you’re looking to create an exclusive, unforgettable experience for others, you’re in the right place.

Business Owners With a Growth Mindset

To ensure compliance with international laws, our Organizers need to have a business we can send profits to. A sole proprietorship will do. If you’ve got a tax ID number (EIN/VAT) we’re in business, partner.

Engaged Followers

We want you to be a success. So, it’s important that you have a following to market to. That number doesn’t need to be huge. But proof of a demonstrated expertise that people are into, well… that’s huge to us.

Commissions & Payouts

More Than A Platform. A Partner.

We use a cross-promotional crowdfunding model and only charge 30% of ticket sales after you’ve hit your presale target. So you pay nothing and we only get a commission when you make a profit. Your retreat then becomes “official,” the property is paid with the collected funds, and we make sure you’re set up for a successful retreat. Your profits are paid out 48 hours after a retreat has ended to guarantee guests have received the experience promised.

A personal retreat coach

Our partner fee includes a personal retreat coach. This is one of our experts that usually have local knowledge and/or connections in your target audience. They coach and help you to properly set up, launch and market your retreat and steer you away from common mistakes. From our partner fee, the coach earns 10% per ticket, so they have a strong incentive to make your retreat a success and help you sell every ticket.

More profits & Proper legal setup

The Retreaters model will generate more profits than if you would use your own tools and setup. Apart from maximising tickets sold, you don’t have to pay legal fees, marketing costs, payment fees and VAT over your profits (within the EU). Together this would amounts to a lot more than 30% per ticket.

Success is rewarded

After your first successful retreat via Retreaters, a retreat coach is no longer obligatory and we reduce our partner fee to 20% for your future retreats. If you organize your retreat at the same property again, you will get a 10% discount on your booking.

Example Profits Calculator



Number of Presale tickets sold
Number of Regular tickets sold
Number of Regular tickets sold
Estimated Net Profits €

After Professional Retreat Fee (30%)

Apply Now

Let us know a little about you and your dream Retreat idea. Once approved, you’ll have access to our exclusive properties, management platform, and pro marketing help.

About You

Your Retreat Idea

What headline would you use to entice guests? What do you plan to share and who are your desired guests?

Proof Of Expertise

Please share a few links of relevant sites to demonstrate your expertise.
Ex: Your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Xing, Twitter.

Followers/Marketing Channels

We use a cross-marketing approach to sell out retreats. Please let us know if you have a following to market to, and how large. Ex: Newsletter, Youtube, Instagram.


Q. Why organize a retreat with us?

We make it easy to quickly turn your dream retreat idea into a reality. You share your knowledge and passion and we take care of the rest. This lets you focus on what you do best, without the headache that comes with organizing, marketing, and running a retreat.

Q. How should I price my tickets?

This greatly depends on your skills, your niche and your target audience. We provide you with tools and tips to determine your optimum ticket price, calculated on your desired profits and pre-sale ticket goal. The pre-sale tickets will always be the cheapest tickets you offer and we recommend that they cover the price of the property and your expected travel-expenses. That way, any additional tickets sold are all profit.

Q. How much profit will I make?

We only charge 30% of ticket sales, the rest is all yours. The margin that you can add in your ticket price depends on your niche, your expertise and your network. A successful first week-long retreat should generate at least your weekly income. Retreat profits are send to Organizers shortly after their retreat ends, to reduce risk for guests and ensure everyone has a great experience.

Q. How is this risk free?

Our model is simple: you reserve a property with no upfront costs and try to hit your pre-sale ticket goal before the property owner’s cancellation deadline (usually 30 – 60 days before the retreat begins). With Retreaters, your chances of reaching that sales goal are multiplied because we’re all incentived to make your dream retreat a reality.

Q. What about my brand and my customers?

We always have your (personal) brand paramount and you always have access to your customer data. We adhere strictly to international laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Q. How long in advance should I launch?

We recommend to launch a retreat at least 4 months out (preferably 6). Most of our Retreat properties have a 30-60 day cancellation policy based on your presale ticket goal. So we recommend giving yourself at least 2 months to sell your presale tickets to make sure you can cover the cost of the property.

Q. Can I book a property outside of Retreaters?

Our risk free retreat setup is only available for retreats that are booked via Retreaters. If you bring in a property onto Retreaters yourself, you can pay the same price (in most cases less) AND you will earn 5% commission for every booking at that property in the future. By bringing in a popular retreat location, you can make a lifetime income.