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Mikaela Söhnchenoffline

  • Community Manager, Sport Instructor
Since 2 1/2 years back I´m working as a self-employed consultant within the automotive industry, specialized on heavy-duty vehicles and powertrain development. In total, I have worked for eight years as a consultant. For the last three years I have discovered some new passions of mine... Reflecting on what is really important I felt nature, sports and adventures should take up a bigger role. Since 2017 I have built a platform in my hometown, Gothenburg, for women who wants to stop explain and KEEP EXPLORE. The platform now holds over 300 members who all share the same intention. I call my self an "all-rounder" since I enjoy pretty much anything. Here are a selections of things I spend time doing: running my business, sailing, handcrafting, surfing, take photos, host events, skiing, cooking, painting and learning new things 🙂 I enjoy networking with people in similar situation and feel free to contact me if you have an idea you want to evaluate or if you need me to try our services as a test person. I value this as much as you do! Take care!