Create a VillaShare™

Reserve your villa with no down payment. Use our free tools to guage interest and handle RSVPs. All spots claimed? Collect payments in a 1 week sprint!

How it Works

With a Villashare, your can quickly get friends to commit and pay, without the risks of big upfront costs.


Find a villa on Retreaters and reserve your dates. Pay nothing upfront, so you can first get your group together.


Create a quick landing page to invite friends so they can RSVP for a spot before paying.


All spots reserved? Send out a payment link to collect all funds during a 1 week Villasprint™.

* If a VillaSprint fails to get the necessary financial commitment,
everybody is promptly refunded and you pay nothing.

Why Do a VillaShare

Upgrade your travels

Sharing costs of a villa with a group let’s you experience the #villalife for the same price as staying in a hostel or motel. Perfect for small groups that want more privacy in beautiful retreat-ready homes.

No Financial Risk

You have no upfront costs and all participants financially commit and pay in the same week. This way, you get your funding early on and don’t have to worry about friends never paying or cancelling last minute.

Fair pricing for different rooms

All villa rooms aren’t created equal. So they can’t all be priced the same. Easily set prices for different rooms so all your guests know what they’re paying for, and why some will pay more. Drama-free bookings.

Who’s It For?

Old Friends Seeking New Experiences

Even if you have a group of friends that say they are fully committed, there’s always that one person that cancels last minute, increasing the price for everybody else. The VillaShare makes sure that everybody is financially committed to this year’s retreat!

Digital Nomads & Adventurers

Why stay in an AirBnB or hostel when – for the same price or less – you can live it up in a villa with a group of fun, like-minded people? Start a coliving retreat, share skills, and make new friends with similar interests.

Peace of Mind

VillaShare Features

• Professional Retreat Page & Application Management
• Quick RSVPs & Payment Processing*
• Easy Group Communication & Planning

* We only charge a 5% fee per VillaShare ticket to cover platform costs.

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